Grant County, IN
Grant County, IN
Correctional Services
Correctional Services
Cynthia McCoy
501 S. Adams Street 
Marion, IN 46953
Adult offices are room 410
Juvenile offices are room 408
Phone: 765-662-9861 ext. 4150
Fax: 765-668-4238
Office hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-Fri
EmployeePositionPhone Number
 Cindy McCoy Director of Correctional Services 765-662-9861 ext. 4150
 Mike Small Assistant Chief Probation Officer 765-662-9861 ext. 4157
 William 'Chris' Cunningham Director of Community Corrections 765-668-6528 ext. 4107
 Brant A. Yeakle Assistant Director of Community Corrections 765-668-6528 ext. 4105
 Mike Henson, Jr. Drug Court Coordinator 765-662-9861 ext. 4154
 Melissa Stephenson Reentry Court Coordinator 765-662-9861 ext. 4164