No Cell Phones Allowed In Courthouse!
Grant County, IN

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Indiana is currently converting to a new child support computer system. You may experience payment delays and delayed response time from child support workers. Teams are committed to providing the best possible service as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work to minimize disruptions to payments and case processing.

Thank you for your patience

                 Indiana Department of Child Services/Child Support Bureau


The Grant County Clerk’s Office has been made aware of a SCAM .

A collection agency “Springfield Jackson & Associates”, (or any Collection Agency)
Has been calling citizens demanding payment.
If payment is not received they are threating to place a lien on your home.

The Clerk’s office will NEVER make a phone call for collections.
And would NEVER threated to put a lien on your home.

Please ~ Be Aware~

If you have a question, please call the office.

The Grant County Clerks consist of Legal, Small Claims/Traffic, Voter's Registration/Elections, and Bookkeeping/Support.

The Clerk of the Circuit

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a ministerial officer who is the custodian of the Courts records and seal, issues process, accepts filings of commencement of actions in litigation, enters judgments and orders of record, issues many miscellaneous licenses, and keeps a record of will and matters of trust in progate proceedings. The Clerk, who is an officer of the Court, performs all official duties imposed by statue or by lawful outhority of the Court.

The Clerk is a constitutional

The Clerk is a constitutional office and is elected for a term of four (4) years and can only serve two (2) consecutive terms. The Clerk receives the oath of office and commission from the State Governor and performs as an officer of the court, the manager of court information, judgments, child support and traffic ticket payments.

The Clerk is also official for conducting all elections

The Clerk is also the official who oversees and conducts all elections, as a member of the county election board. The clerk is responsible for certifying the election results to the Indiana Election Division of the Secretary of State's Office.

The Clerk is responsible for issuing various licenses

The Clerk is responsible for issuing various licenses and certificates such as marriage licenses, licenses for distress sales and the registering of bail agents. The Clerk may solemnize marriages. Fees are charged for these services.

The Clerk receives payment of fines and judgments levied by the court

The Clerk receives payment of fines and judgments levied by the court, and in the case of judgment, pays out these monies to the person or organization entitled to receive them by the court order, with the exception of tax judgments which are collected directly by the county treasurer.
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