Grant County, IN

Grant County/NACO Prescription Drug Discount Card Program

In 10 months, Grant County citizens have saved over $200,000 on prescription drugs by using the Grant County card. As word spreads about the program's success, the monthly savings continue to rise. In September 2007, the county benefited from around $21,400 in savings; in January, that number jumped to over $33,000. With every new user, more and more money is being saved in Grant County and the burden of health care becomes just a little lighter for our citizens. We expect this trend to continue for quite some time and look forward to more and more members of our community receiving savings on their prescriptions.

The Board of Commissioners has made discount prescription drug cards available to ALL Grant County residents. The cards are at no cost and require no signing up or registration. Anyone interested can simply pick up a card from the many places they are available at around the county and take them to any participating pharmacy.

The discount card is for anyone; those with insurance, without insurance, under-insured, on medicare, etc... are all able to use the card. On average, the card will provide about 20% savings on your prescription.

The cards are available to be picked up at any of these local locations:
  • CVS Pharmacy - Gas City 
  • CVS - South Marion 
  • CVS - Downtown Marion 
  • Center Township Trustee 
  • The Salvation Army 
  • Grant Blackford 
  • Family Services 
  • Walgreens - North Marion 
  • Walgreens - South Marion 
  • WorkOne 
  • NACOWal-Mart Pharmacy 
  • Senior Citizens Center
  • AFENA  
  • Regions 
  • MGH/ACC Building
  • Indiana Health Clinic 
  • Bridges to Health
  • Division of Family Resources
  • Beacon Credit Union 
  • Grant County Community Federal Credit Union 
  • Indiana Members Credit Union 
  • Mutual Federal Savings Bank 
  • Apex Physical Therapy Center 
  • Pacesetter Bank 
  • STAR Financial Bank 
  • State Farm Bank 
  • Marion School Employees Federal Credit Union 
  • Salin Bank & Trust Company 
  • Old National Bank 
  • Fairmount State Bank 
If you have any questions regarding the card or if you would like to make the card available at your place of business, please call the Commissioners office at (765) 668-4776.