Grant County, IN

EMA Advisory Council

Indiana Code 10-14-3-17

The county emergency management advisory council shall exercise general supervision and control over the emergency management and disaster program of the county.
The county emergency management advisory council consists of the following individuals or their designee:
  1. The president of the county executive or, if the county executive does not have a president, a member of the county executive appointed from the membership of the county executive. 
  2. The president of the county fiscal body. 
  3. The mayor of each city located in the county. 
  4. An individual representing the legislative bodies of all towns located in the county. 
  5. Representatives of private and public agencies or organizations that can assist emergency management considered appropriate by the county emergency management advisory council. 
  6. One (1) commander of a local civil air patrol unit in the county or the commander's designee.

Grant County Representative

David White | Chairperson, Town of Matthews
Geoff Williams | Co-Chair, Marion Fire Dept.
Richard Dollar | Secretary, Town of Fairmount
Patrick Kolb | MGH
Bryce Coryea | Center Township
Mark Bardsley | Grant County Commissioner
Stephen Dorsey | City of Marion Rep.
Ed Beaty | Grant County Sheriff Dept.
Frank Hix | Grant County Council
Patty Leach | City of Gas City
Joel Thomas | City of Jonesboro
Tyler Keith | Town of Swayzee
Matt Stewart | Town of Sweetser
Steve Wolf | Town of Upland
Terry Dieckmann | Town of Van Buren
Joe Seward | Town of Fowlerton
                        | School Representative
Jim Brandon | Local Business Rep.
LTC. Garry North | Civil Air Patrol
Dr. Noel Ratliff | DVM, Animal Care Rep.