Grant County, IN

Bat Encounters & Animal Bites

Bat Encounters
  • If you discover a bat in your home and are uncertain as to whether anyone in the home had close contact or was bitten by the bat you should be evaluated by a physician. An example would be finding a bat in your bedroom during the night or in the room of a child. If possible, the bat should be captured either by someone in the household or by a pest control professional and be submitted to the health department for rabies testing. The bat must be dead (live bats will not be accepted), double bagged in Ziploc bags, and kept refrigerated. When a bat is submitted to the health department it is important that the head be intact with minimal damage. The Health Department does not capture nor euthanize any bats. 
Animal Bites
  • If you are bitten or scratched by any animal whether a pet, stray or wild you should seek medical attention and the advice of a physician. Animals may be tested for rabies if your medical provider determines it is necessary. Do not attempt to capture the animal yourself if you cannot safely do so. Contact animal control at 765-668-4491, a veterinarian or a pest control service to capture the animal and/or prepare it for delivery to the health department. The Health Department does not capture nor euthanize any animals.
  • If your pet is bitten by another animal contact a veterinarian for advice or treatment.
  • Call the Health Department at 765-651-2401, Ext 3110 or 3132 with your questions or concerns.