Grant County, IN
Back flow Prevention Information Sheet(pdf 208kB)Hot Trucks Guidance Document for House Enrolled Act HEA 1298(pdf 1MB)Not for Profit SEA 190 Guidance Document(pdf 2MB)Changes to Definition of Food Establishment(pdf 269kB)Chemical Kit Test Suppliers(pdf 13kB)Consumer Advisory for the Consumption of Raw or Undercooked Foods(pdf 79kB)Cooking, Cooling, and Reheating Information sheet(pdf 220kB)Food Handler Requirements 410IAC7-22(pdf 75kB)FARMERS MARKETS GUIDANCE DOCUMENT INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS(pdf 716kB)Frequently Asked Food Safety Questions(pdf 444kB)Grease Trap Cleaners and Haulers in the Marion Grant County Area(pdf 71kB)Guidance for Retailon Boil Water Orders(pdf 75kB)Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1149 Home Based Vendor(pdf 2MB)GUIDELINE FOR READY TO EAT POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD DATE MARKING(pdf 656kB)Home Based Vendors Fact Sheet for HEA 1309(pdf 56kB)HANDWASHING AND DISHWASHING SET-UP FOR CONCESSIONS UNITS(pdf 186kB)Indiana Fire Code 2014(pdf 380kB)Indianas New Smoking Signage Requirements(pdf 95kB)Plumbing Definitions(pdf 121kB)New Smoking Laws FAQ for Fraternal For Business and General Information(pdf 669kB)New Smoking Laws Effective July 1, 2012 HEA 11,497 pages(pdf 1MB)Proper Cooling Information Sheet(pdf 155kB)Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements Title 410IAC7-24(pdf 14kB)Sanitation Requirement for Bed and Breakfast Establishment Rule 410IAC7-15.5(pdf 171kB)Sick Food Employee Health Policy Questionnaire(pdf 277kB)Smoke Free Window Clines Order Form(pdf 486kB)Source List for Plastic Light Shields and End Caps(pdf 8kB)Spanish Version Title 410IAC7-24.(pdf 1MB)Temporary Food Establishment Checklist(pdf 63kB)THAWING Frozen Meats and Potentially Hazardous Foods(pdf 164kB)Thermometer Calibration(pdf 145kB)Three Compartment Sink Set-Up for Manual Utensil Equipment Washing(pdf 92kB)Title 410IAC7-23 Schedule Of Civil Penalty(pdf 99kB)Public Health Hazard of Consuming Raw Milk (CDC)(pdf 2MB)Guidance for Indiana Honey Production and Sales(pdf 2MB)Test Strips Etc...(pdf 480kB)Infection Control(pdf 63kB)Vaping information, CDC release(pdf 1MB)Outdoor Food Operations(pdf 815kB)Use of Thermo-Cup(pdf 3MB)Test Strips Information(pdf 501kB)Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements.pdf(pdf 2MB)Norovirus(pdf 667kB)Serv-Safe Food Manager 1 day Class(pdf 399kB)Food Service Service Animals-02-20-2020(pdf 717kB)