Grant County, IN

Notice of Real Property Tax Sale

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2022 Tax Sale Publication

The 2022 Tax Sale date will be on September 14th, 2022 at 10am. Please see below for more information.

For the current tax sale listing please click the link below:

If you are needing a redemption amount you will need to contact April Legare at 765-668-6552 ext. 3215

Basic Tax Sale Information
If a property is delinquent for three or more installments, it is eligible for the tax sale. 

If you are paying to remove a property from the tax sale that payment must be made with certified funds. (cash, cashier's check or money order) we will not be able to accept a personal check or credit/debit. That payment must also be made by 3pm the last business day before the sale. 

An IRS Form W-9 is required with all Tax Sale registrations. Please click on the following link to obtain an IRS Form W-9. This form can be faxed, emailed, mailed, or delivered in person to the Auditor's office. IRS Form W-9 and Instructions
If you have any questions regarding prior tax sales or the tax sale process in general please contact April Legare at 765-668-6552 ext. 3215 or the main Auditor office line at 765-668-6552