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County Buildings Closed

County Buildings Closed


-The Grant County Commissioners have made the decision, based on the hazardous wind chill forecasted for Wednesday morning, to close the Grant County office complex and the Courthouse on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. 

-Grant County Sheriff, Detention Department, and any other essential employees, are to verify their schedules through their department heads.

-A decision for an Emergency Closing on Thursday, 31 January 2019, will not be made until Wednesday. The Grant County EMA office has created a private group for Grant County Employees to receive a text message notification of the decision once made. The Commissioners encourage everyone to sign up for the alert by texting GRANTEMP to 888777 and then entering the Passcode of 123456. Text message charges will apply if applicable. Messages sent to this private group will only contain relevant information to Grant County Employees. The use of the keyword registration will be for a limited time only. Another means of notification will be via the Grant County website – The IT Department will post information on the main page.
For planning and preparing for this extreme cold weather, look for a more comprehensive list of safety tips on the Grant County Emergency Management Facebook page.
1. Outdoors
  a. Limit time outside.
  b. Frostbite can occur anywhere from 5-30minutes.
  c. Layer clothing.
2. Home
  a. Insulate exposed pipes. Let drip to help ensure they don’t freeze.
  b. Ensure your furnace is operating properly.
  c. Use of kerosene heaters and portable space heaters, ensure manufacturer guidelines are being followed to properly vent and/or keep away from combustible materials.
  d. Have an emergency supplies kit of 3-7 days worth of non-perishable food, medications, water, candles, extra blankets, etc.
3. Pets
  a. Bring them indoors.
  b. Chemicals to melt ice on sidewalks can be hazardous to pets.
4. Car
  a. Check the battery, coolant and tires.
  b. Have an emergency supplies kit – jumper cables, blankets, water.
Check on your neighbors and ensure those with special needs are being looked after.