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Public Meeting - Vote Centers 2020

Public Meeting - Vote Centers 2020


Proposed Grant County 2020 Vote Centers

In the Fall Election for 2020 Grant County will be moving to Vote Centers are an alternative to traditional, neighborhood-based precincts. This move will allow voters to cast their ballots on Election Day at any vote center in Grant County, regardless of their residential address. Indiana is among more than sixteen states across the nation that allows for Vote Centers.

The switch to Vote Centers will allow Grant County to offer more convenience to citizens of our county allowing them to vote near home, near work, school or any of the eleven centers we are planning on.

The steps in our process began a year ago was we have researched the issues and best practices to insure a smooth transition to this new process.

Now we are ready to get input from you the citizens of Grant County to help decide where the best placement of the Vote Centers will be and to get your input and suggestions.

It is our goal to provide centers that will make voting more accessible for you. And to keep you informed every step of the way to insure we provide complete transparency and a smooth process for our November 2020 Election.

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