Grant County, IN
What is Inmate Work Crews?
Inmate Work Crews provide a service to the community which also increases the offender's job skills, work ethics, personal dignity, and prepares the offender/inmate for future employment within the community.
What is Work Release?
Work Release is a sentencing alternative. Work Release serves inmates who have been convicted of non-violent felonies or misdemeanors. It is the most severe and restrictive program in our local justice system, one step removed from total incarceration. Work Release provides incarcerated offenders with the opportunity to maintain employment while minimizing the risk to the community and maximizing the opportunity for rehabilitation for the incarcerated offender. The work release inmate will support their family and thus contribute to the community instead of adding another burden. The inmate will also pay daily fees to help recoup the county's cost for jail expenses (these fees are based on income). The offender needs to complete an application, which is then processed by a screening committee. Offenders that have been, at any time, convicted of a violent or sex offense do not qualify. Once accepted into this program, the employer and offender must sign and agree to the contracts rules.
What is the Juvenile Detention Center?
The Grant County Juvenile Detention Center houses juvenile offenders, up to age 18.
Do you need help?
Has your partner ever done any of the following to you?

  • Continually criticized you, called you names, shouted at you, or humiliated you?
  • Kept you from working, taken the car keys, controlled your money, and made all of the decisions?
  • Regularly threatened to leave or told you to leave?
  • Threatened to hurt you, themselves, your family or friends, or to kidnap children?
  • Destroyed your property, punched holes in walls, broken appliances, or hurt your pets?
  • Pointed a gun or any other weapon at you?
  • Slapped, kicked, punched, grabbed, shoved, or choked you and afterwards promised never to do it again?
  • Demanded sex after threats or beatings?
  • Harassed you about whom you talk to, where you go, or what you do or think?  
If you answered yes to some of the above, then you may be a victim of domestic violence.
Contact the 24-Hour Crisis Hotline at: 




I am Jessy Pearson, the Victims Advocate  for the Grant County Sheriff’s Department.
I can be contacted at 765-662-9836 ext: 2124.
After hours I can be reached at 765-668-8168.  The Dispatchers can contact me to return your call.