Grant County, IN
Project L.O.V.E. (Law Officer Voucher & Enforcement) is a program designed specifically for law enforcement to save children from serious injury and death in motor vehicle crashes by providing families with child restraints and education on proper use and installation. The Automotive Safety Program provides law officers with vouchers that they may distribute during a traffic stop, at the scene of a crash, or during an OPO event, to parents/caregivers who are traveling with children who are not using a child restraint, or using one that is unsafe. Parents/caregivers can redeem vouchers at the permanent fitting station or Project L.O.V.E. distribution site nearest to their home, where they will be provided with a child restraint (if deemed necessary by the certified child passenger safety technician) and education on proper use and installation.
- Automotive Safety Program
Child Safety Information
The Grant County Sheriff's Department's car seat technicians work hand in hand with the Automotive Safety Program at Riley's Hospital for Children. The officers run demonstration/information booths at community events to educate the public and keep all children safe. Here are some important safety facts to remember:
Children should remain in a safety seat from birth until then can sit on the vehicle seat, without slouching, and their knees bend comfortably at the edge of the seat. This is usually at a weight of 80 pounds, a height of 4'9" and between the ages of 8-12 years old.
Children should never be placed in front of an airbag. The middle of the rear seat is the safest location.
Child restraints are 71% effective in reducing crash related infant deaths and 54% effective in reducing deaths for 1-4 year olds.
Indiana law requires all children under the age of 8 to be properly fastened in a child restraint system.
Additional resources for information and updates on child safety, car seats, or Indiana laws can be located through:
Grant County Sheriff's Department (765) 662-9836
Permanent Fitting Station
The Grant County Sheriff's Department has car seat technicians: Deputy Doug Jentes, Detective Kyle Beal, Detective Erin Keppeler, Deputy Kody Lewis, and Deputy Matt Obanion.
These officers operate a 24 hour permanent fitting station at the Sheriff's Department. The fitting station provides new car seats for families who meet state requirements. The car seat technicians also teach parents and caregivers how to properly install child safety seats.
Redeeming Vouchers
If you have received a Child Safety Seat Voucher you may redeem it at the following locations in Grant County:
Grant County Sheriff's Department
214 E Fourth Street
Marion, IN 46952
Call 765-662-9836 to schedule an appointment with a certified car seat technician.
Marion General Hospital
441 N Wabash Avenue
Marion, IN 46952
Call 765-662-4722 to schedule an appointment with a certified car seat technician.
To view all locations available in Indiana please visit: